MOVIE REVIEWS: Robert De Niro brings classy back and steals show in “Intern” while Robert Redford and Nick Nolte take “A Walk in the Woods”

deniro-moviereview-intern-dclivers – As a social influencer, I’m often invited to attend movie premiere, private screenings or given sneak peek to movies but for some reason I managed to get invited to and attend FOUR separate movie screenings or previews in a week. While one movie, starring Meryl Streep, I’m not allowed to discuss until September 5, 2015, I’m delighted to be able to talk about some of the other movies I’ve recently screened. You can read my review on “NO ESCAPE” here.

Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway are adorable together in the new film that shows the social awkwardness of today’s youth while introducing classic ideas from another generation. Here’s a quick trailer to get you in the mood:


In the movie, “Walk in the Woods,” two classic actors who have seen better days took over the big screen and brought a lot of laughs to a new generation. While most of the audience won’t remember Robert Redford or Nick Nolte, this movie will make them want to go back and look at their body of work.

robert redford walk in woodsNolte – who is the best part of the movie – leaves audiences in stitches with his performance of basically himself while Redford’s “cool dude” vibe adds to what amounts to as an odd-ball comedy that has more to it than meets the eye.

For those unfamiliar with Bryson’s hilariously- dyspeptic and scrupulously-researched travel books, the movie A Walk in the Woods will seem mystifying.

Why is this author, Bill Bryson (Redford) suddenly obsessed with walking the entire 2,000-plus mile distance of the Appalachian Trail? And who is Katz (Nick Nolte), this gravelly buffoon who’s accompanying him and is exhausted after the first quarter-mile?

As one reviewer wrote: “I try to avoid comparing a book and a movie. But the fact is, fans of Bill Bryson’s most popular book A Walk in the Woods are going to see the movie expecting something at least familiar in tone.”

Instead, they’ll be seeing a cheap-laughs codger-comedy Grumpy Old Men Take A Walk in the Woods. The book’s premise is there, but not its soul.

I say, don’t listen to the critics and go see this easy going movie and maybe take someone from another generation to help jog some great family memories as well.


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