SINGLE MOM SPOTLIGHT: Liza Morales stays true to the game and her kids

u( – We we first met Liza Morales we weren’t sure what to expect. She was the mother of Lamar Odom’s three children, including a son who passed shortly after birth of SIDS. She was being dragged in the press by Khloe Kardashian supporters who wanted to hate Liza simply because she had Lamar’s kids and Khloe didn’t.

But, as we got to know Liza more as her brief TV show “Starter Wives” ran, it became clear: Liza Morales is a mom.

Learn a little more about her journey, how she copes and what she tells her children.


CO-PARENTING: Alicia Keys still struggles but Swizz Beats makes it work

Swizz Beats likes to have ALL of his kids together( – While he was married to Mashonda, Swizz Beatz had an affair to remember. Actually, it was two affairs at once.

Alicia Keys thought she was the only mistress for the married music producer but was shocked to learn he was also involved with another musician in London.

Both women got pregnant and gave birth to his children. Jahna Sabastian has Swizz’s only daughter while Alicia has two sons with him and eventually married him. Alicia was actually “Baby Mama #4.”

Fast forward all these years and Alicia still struggles to cope, which is odd considering many believe she got as much as she gave.

“How you get him is how you lose him,” said one mother. “She’s going to live on the edge because she does  know what he’s capable of in terms of being a faithful lover.”

Alicia Keys struggles to accept Swizz Beatz's daughter by Jahna SabastianSwizz, whose real name is Kasseem Dean, is Muslim and as such “demands  peace in my house,” so there’s little that Alicia can do but enjoy the children that they have together and move on since she converted when they married.

Even her fans feel it’s very disrespectful to her husband, the child and the child’s mother to dote over the other children and treat the daughter like Cinderella. To make matter worse, Alicia released a photo of husband with their newest son with his other children but left out the daughter.

So, how does a dad like Swizz Beats or Lil Wayne – who both have five children with four women – manage to keep the peace? Here are some tips for coping with “side babies” and co-parenting when the other parent has more kids. Continue reading

BABY MAMA BLUES: When Racist media coverage backfires moms of color defy stereotypes

blac chyna tya kylie king cairo birthday party co partenting thessinglemomclub( – Whether the relationship ended in divorce like Bethenny Frankel, a long time relationship ended after quickly like Lamar Odom and Liza Morales or the woman chose to be a single mom, the paths may be different but the ending is the same.

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Celebrity Child Support: When high rollers get arrested, other dads finally get start coughing up child support payments

Still, in the recent weeks we’ve seen mistresses take it too far, ex wives (or soon to be) like Khloe Kardashian has been so aggressive with Lamar it’s like she’s auditioning for a role on Basketball Wives L.A. instead of being concerned for his children. It was like staking claim and it was awkward to watch.

She’s become kind of stalkerish with her decision to hoard Lamar’s hospital time, restrict who can come and who cannot and attempt to milk Lamar’s medical crisis while playing “grieving widow.”

No one seems to be buying – at least outside the E! paid media group. Some are calling her “selfish” and even “Black widow.” Some say Khloe’s being #SlutShamed because he’s banged more rappers than a drum machine during her marriage to Lamar. Her last couple of  tweet proves the point that some are making because the tweets are all about her and her new lover, James Harden.  Even though Lamar has woken up, is talking and seems to be on the mend, Khloe is holding out for a BIG payday interview to give her “first reactions.”

Liza Morales Khloe Kardashian Lamar Odom TheSingleMomClubKhloe’s publicists and other reps have tried to silence media outlets that aren’t playing the “poor Khloe” game. She’s trying to stop their divorce because without Lamar the cameras no longer care about what she’s doing. Khloe’s so afraid to lose the media attention she’s actually milking the heck out of this situation.

The Kardashian family circus has even the youngest member of their family acting like a garden tool.  Kylie Jenner recently attended the birthday party of her rapper boyfriend’s son – without his mother present. Oddly, Kanye took his daughter to the party, despite the fact that he was friends with both Blac Chyna and Tyga. Even Chris Brown brought his daughter. Talk about messy. But it’s also an opportunity to discuss how to handle birthdays and holidays while co-parenting.

While watching the Lamar medical crisis coverage, one person emerged a star: Liza Morales, the single mom of Lamar’s three children.

“Liza has been a rock for the kids,” said a source close to the situation. “Khloe has been slinging mud but Liza has been mature and professional and concerned only for her children and their father.”

While Khloe’s come across as a controlling hypocrite for faking footage of Lamar “stalking” her then holding camp at his bedside, Liza has been gaining the respect of the public. She’s been doing what many want: Making the situation about the children and their father not about herself.

So how should you handle a difficult co-parenting moment? How do you keep from allowing another person to run over your children? Here’s a few tips to make it easier for everyone, especially the kids. Continue reading

SINGLE MOM SOUND OFF: Rhymefest finds his long-lost dad, bashes his single mom

by DC Livers – Exclusive to

rhymefest mother father - thesinglemomclub

Photo of Rhymefest and his parents Courtesy of

( – In celebration of his successful quest to find his dad, Grammy/Oscar Award winning songwriter and rapper Rhymefest released a new track entitled, “Lost and Found” that takes a microscope to his experiences with fatherhood.

While it’s not his best work by any stretch, it is a powerful, deeply personal track that at times makes him surprisingly less than likable with his very harsh words towards his single mother. “Lost and Found” at times feels like SLUT SHAMING, which is a dreadful departure from his previous female uplifting songs like “Sister.”

The intensity of his delivery makes his words towards his single mother sting even more, especially considering that Rhymefest is a lyricist and a wordsmith. At best, his lyrics seems cheap, sensational and a tad shortsighted. At worst, there are disrespectful to all that it takes to raise a child.

“My mama’s boyfriend taught me how to womanize. How to run from the truth and tell women lies. Never had a father and I blame my mama. She made bad judgments and horrible karma. Couldn’t even find a decent man for me to honor.”

Clearly, Rhymefest’s childhood is not typical. His experiences are embedded in him like tattoos on his soul. But, if he’s man enough to forgive his dad, maybe it’s time he did the same with his mother. As if he was expecting the backlash, he posted a photo of his mother and father with him. The family is clearly on its way to repairing the damage that has been done.

The “Lost and Found” video is at times a bit awkward and there are twinges of exploitation of his long-lost father, who suffers from alcoholism and possible mental illness. It’s disappointing because Konee Rok is one of the most entertaining inspiring video editors in recent memory. Flaws aside, the lyrics make zero apologies for Rhymefest’s intense need to have his father in his life.

Watch the video below and feel free to add your comments. Continue reading