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jergens  new cream - mom blogsWith my life on the red carpet, high end events and mom duty, when can I ever find the time to look my best? Most days, I’ll be lucky to make it to work on time but once I arrive I always kick myself for not having enough time to work on me.

In exactly 30 days, I’ll be on the red carpet for one of the biggest awards shows in the country. My hair is a mess. My nails are brittle. My weight has climbed 40 lbs since last year thanks to a personal tragedy and being snowed in for most of the winter with a 10 pound bag of flour and all the yummy, fattening recipes on Food Network’s “the Pioneeer Woman.” Let’s just say, I’ll never have to buy a cake mix again. I learned to do it from scratch. I could close my eyes and make her coffee cake.

So, I’m going to be doing part reviews, part personal make over. You’ll get to find out which products can truly make you red carpet ready from a real journalists who does this for a living.

After seeing Kim Kardashian’s THIRD WEDDING photos – whoa, didn’t she look stunning – it’s definately time to hit the gym. I have a pool and weight room right at my home, so here goes. Day One: Swimming Ten Laps a day begins May 28. I’ll let you know how I do! All the moms from our MOM PANEL will as well!

If you’re a brand and want your product featured, please call 646-535-9865 or use the contact form. Please send two of each product, media information and hi-res photos. If you’d like to advertise in the actual publication, use the same process but call first so we can make sure it’s a great match. Unfortunately, cannot review every product or feature everything so we’ll need to have our MOM PANEL try things out first to ensure quality.

Thanks everyone for your encouragement!

Be sure to “like” posts and comment. It will keep me going! And we wanna see your pics, too.

This section will feature the hottest new beauty tips for busy moms with jobs.  Those who put their families first but don’t want to end up with “Mom hair” rocking “mom jeans.” Stay tuned each week for a new product!

Top 10 Best Hair Products for Moms

Read this article here


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