( – Whether it is rent or school expenses or baby needs new shoes, sooner or later you are gonna hit that Single Mom financial brick wall. No matter what you do, things just seem out of reach. $100 will seem like a thousand. $1000 may as well be a million. There is just never enough money.

Here are tips, tools, services and other financial supprts to help you raise your family.

There is no getting around it. Some moms needs a helping hand as fast as possible. TANF, which is Temporary Aid to Needy Families is one way to ensure that you have some cash for some of the things you need.

Each state is responsible for setting its own specific requirements for accepting and considering applications for TANF. Depending on which state you live, you may contact the local TANF program in your area to see if you are eligible for temporary financial assistance.

Alabama Family Assistance (334) 242-1310
Alaska Alaska Temporary Assistance Program (907) 465-3347
Arizona Family Assistance Administration (602) 542-9935
Arkansas TANF 1-(800)-482-8988
California CALWORKS (916) 657-3546
Colorado Colorado Works (303) 866-5700
Connecticut JOBS FIRST 1-(800)-842-1508
Delaware Delaware ASSIST 1-(800)-464-4357
District of Columbia TANF (202) 724-5506
Florida Welfare Transition Program 1-(866)-762-2237
Georgia TANF 1-(800)-869-1150
Hawaii TANF 1-(808)-981-2754
Idaho Temporary Assistance for Families in Idaho (208) 334-5818
Illinois TANF (217) 785-3300
Indiana TANF 1-(800)-457-8283
Iowa Family Investment Program 1-(800)-972-2017
Kansas Kansas Works (785) 296-3959
Kentucky Kentucky Transitional Assistance Program (KTAP) (502) 564-3440
Louisiana Family Independence Temporary Assistance Program (FITAP) (225) 342-3947
Maine TANF/ASPIRE 1-(800)-442-6003
Maryland Family Investment Program (FIP) 1-(800)-332-6347
Massachusetts Transitional Aid to Families with Dependent Children (TAFDC) 1-(800)-249-2007
Michigan Family Independence Program (FIP) 1-(800)-285-9675
Minnesota Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) 1-(800)-657-3739
Mississippi TANF 1-(800)-948-4060
Missouri Beyond Welfare (573) 751-3221
Montana Families Achieving Independence in Montana (FAIM) (406) 444-1917
Nebraska Employment First 1-(800)-685-5456
Nevada TANF 1-(800)-992-0900
New Hampshire Division of Family Assistance 1-(800)-852-3345
New Jersey Work First New Jersey 1-(800)-792-9773
New Mexico New Mexico Income Support Division 1-(888)-473-3676
New York Temporary Assistance 1-(800)-342-3009
North Carolina Work First (866) 866-2362
North Dakota TANF (701) 328-2310
Ohio Ohio Works First (OWF) (614) 466-6282
Oklahoma TANF 1-(866)-411-1877
Oregon TANF (503) 378-2666
Pennsylvania TANF 1-(800)-692-7462
Rhode Island Rhode Island Works (401) 462-5300
South Carolina Family Independence 1-(800)-768-5700
South Dakota TANF 1-(605)-773-4678
Tennessee Families First/TANF 1-(866)-311-4287
Texas TANF 1-(877)-787-8999
Utah Family Employment Program 1-(801)-526-9675
Vermont Reach Up 1-(800)-287-0589
Virginia TANF (804) 726-7000
Washington TANF/WorkFirst (360) 413-3200
West Virginia West Virginia Works 1-(800)-642-8589
Wisconsin Wisconsin Works (W-2) (608) 267-3905
Wyoming TANF (307) 777-7747


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