FREEBIE FEST: A birthday to remember and it’s ALL free!

Birthday freebies – There is no easy way to say this so you better sit down. Are you sitting? Ya sure because TheSingleMomClub cannot be responsible if you pass out after reading this post.

If you’re anything like most moms, the word “free” is better than sex. Okay, maybe almost as good. We wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

This post list dozens of FREEBIES that will make you count down the days to your next birthday! This post is dedicated to Baby Dee, whose birthday is about to be all the way L.I.V.E. when she reads this! The best part of this post is you can take one friend to each and everyone feels like they are a part of your special day. Or you can get the whole gang together for one delicious day!

However you do it, please be sure to mention you found the deals on Be sure to include the “THE” or someone is gonna get a big ole porn surprise. As with all our freebies, call ahead in your local area.

Birthday freebies

Free Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity breakfast. In English, that means two eggs, 2 bacon strips, 2 sausage links, and two pancakes.

Breakfast freebies

DENNY’S: Free Grand Slam breakfast. Yep, you guessed it. In English that means two eggs, 2 bacon strips, 2 sausage links and/or and two pancakes.



These coupons help you fill your belly after a day of laughing it up with your friends or can be comfort food if your mean ole boss makes you work on your “earth day.”

Au Bon Pain: Free sandwich or salad

Benijana: Free $30 gift card ( coupon valid all month of your birthday)

bd Mongolian Grill: Free stir fry

Captain D’s: Your choice of 2-pc fish, fish/shrimp or seasoned Tilapia

Don Pablo’s: Free $10 gift certificate

Firehouse Subs: Free sub with valid ID

Honey Baked Ham: Free sandwich

Hooters: Free 10 wings


DESSERT: Baskin Robins: Free ice cream scoop

Ben & Jerry’s: Free ice cream scoop

Chili’s: Free brownie sundae

Cinnabon: Free mocha latta chill

Dippin Dots: Free small dots



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