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NEW PRODUCT REVIEW: Chips Ahoy Dulce de Leche cookies


( – New Chips Ahoy! Ice Cream Creations Dulce de Leche cookies are part of Nabisco’s new product line. The new cookies draw upon the ice cream parlor for inspiration in coming up with the new Ice Cream Creations line for Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies.

Numbering four in all, the new flavors are: Root Beer Float Chewy Chips Ahoy, Mocha Chunk Chewy Chips Ahoy, Dulce De Leche Chips Ahoy, and Mint Chocolate Chip Chewy Chips Ahoy.

It’s a bit of an odd selection since only two (Root Beef Float and Mint Chocolate Chip) are classic ice cream concoctions or flavors.

Root Beef Float Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies feature vanilla and root beer-flavored chips in an otherwise plain Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies.

Mocha Chunk Chew Chips Ahoy cookies come with both chocolate chips and coffee-flavored chunks.

Dulce De Leche is the only non-Chewy Chips Ahoy cookie of the bunch and is interspersed with caramel chunks and vanilla chips.

Lastly, there’s Mint Chocolate Chip Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies, which are the only chocolate cookie of the bunch and features green mint-flavored chunks.

The suggested retail price is $3.79 for a 9.5-oz package.

If you haven’t found them at your local supermarket yet (I’ve only recently spotted them in my area), they should arrive soon (although your local stores might not stock all for flavors so I’d call ahead to check).

FREEBIE: Tire rotation at Sears

Free Tire Rotation at Sears

Free tire toation at Sears

 As a single mom, it’s often the little things that overwhelm us. One of those ‘little things’ is basic car maintenance.

Women make up approximately 3/4 of the automobile purchases in the nation, but only about half of these same women claim to know anything about simple car maintenance.

Your vehicle is one of your biggest investments and will cost the most to replace or repair. With that in mind, it’s time to learn about a little preventative maintenance.

If you follow these tips you can prolong the life of your vehicle and save yourself from being stranded with your little ones onboard.

Print this coupon to get a FREE tire rotation at Sears Auto Centers (a $15 value). Expires 4/5/14. Not available in all stores. Visit to find a location near you.

FREEBIES: Free tire rotation at Sears. Single Black Mom