HOUSING HELP FOR SINGLE MOMS: Section Waiting Lists are opening up across the country


(www.TheSingleMomClub.com) – No matter what city you live in, single moms are always worried about finding and maintaining a place to live for you and your babies so TheSingleMomClub.com has gathered information to help you make the search easier. Domestic violence victims and intimidated witnesses get expedited application processing and are often eligible when other lists are closed. If you have questions, contact TheSingleMomClub.com. Keep an open mind: Many times the wait times are exaggerated to discourage people from applying.

BIG CITIES or STATES with SECTION 8 lists that are now OPEN or are OPENING SOON:

chicago section 8 waiting list 2015


The Chicago Housing Authority Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program is currently closed.

However, according to the agency’s proposed FY2015 Moving to Work Annual Plan (page 24), the Chicago Housing Authority’s Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher waiting list “will be opened in late FY2014, and will remain partially opened in FY2015.”

Here is a breakdown of what we know:

  • CHA Plans to open their Section 8 HCV Waiting List by the end of FY2014 (December 31st)
  • Reports indicate that CHA plans to issue 3,000 Housing Choice Vouchers soon.
  • CHA has been under scrutiny for their financial practices and any actions they take regarding the HCV program moving forward will be very publicized.
  • Accounts vary on length of the Waiting List. Multiple reports put the number between 15,000 and 30,000 families.

The housing authority’s fiscal year runs from January 1 to December 31, meaning that they intend to have the Section 8 waiting list open at the close of 2014. The last time the Chicago Housing Authority Section 8 Waiting List opened was in 2008. According to the proposed FY2015 Annual Plan, the Housing Choice Voucher waiting list had 30,000 families on it. Recent news accounts in the Chicago Tribune put the waiting list at 15,230 families in 2014. It is unclear which is more accurate.

The same news accounts say that CHA will be issuing 3,000 new Section 8 vouchers soon. CHA has been under a lot of pressure of late when it was reported that it had socked away $432 million over 9 years, much of which had been intended for the Section 8 program.

CHA has not announced how applications will be accepted but their 2012 Section 8 HCV Administrative Plan includes the following written policy:

“The CHA uses a two step application process because of the long wait from the time a family applies for assistance and the time a family is selected from the waiting list. Under the two-step application process, the CHA initially will require families to provide only the information needed to determine the family’s placement on the waiting list. The family will be required to provide all of the information necessary to establish family eligibility and level of assistance when the family is selected from the waiting list.”

This indicates that the housing authority will take only basic information like name, contact info, household size, income and any waiting list preference info at first. Once an applicant comes closer to the top of the list, a more in-depth application will be required.

The CHA HCV Administrative Plan (page 4-2) has this to say regarding the method by which applications may be completed and returned.

san diego california section 8 waiting list open 2014 2015SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA SECTION 8 WAITING LIST:  OPEN

The San Diego Housing Commission administers both a public housing and Section 8 housing voucher program. The housing authority owns and manages 9 projects which contain 76 affordable rental units. It also administers 14,715 Section 8 housing vouchers.

Approximately 46,000 households in San Diego are on a waiting list to obtain a federal Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8). The average wait to obtain a housing voucher is 8 to 10 years, but domestic violence victims, some homeless and some others have priority and may see waits much, much less. To get on the waiting list, you may submit a new application online.

Existing Applicants

Until the software upgrade is complete, requests to update existing waiting list applications should be submitted online by clicking here.

Status of Application

  1. You may call the waiting list hotline at (619) 578-7640, or
  2. Write to: Waiting List, San Diego Housing Commission, 1122 Broadway, Suite 300, San Diego CA, 92101.Be sure to include your name, address, and the last four digits of your Social Security number.

For a recorded message on general information about the waiting list, please call: (619) 578-7305.

According to HUD, San Diego Housing Commission is determined to be a Small public housing authority, meaning it manages between 50 – 249 public housing units. Also according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the housing authority is designated as Extra Large, meaning it administers 10,000+ Section 8 vouchers.

Comparing the housing assistance distribution of San Diego Housing Commission between Public Housing Units (1%) and Section 8 Housing Vouchers (99%) to that of all housing authorities in California, San Diego Housing Commission has a smaller proportion of public housing units than the average housing authority. The housing authority’s proportion of Section 8 vouchers under management is larger than the average housing authority in California.


The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program is a National rental assistance program managed by HUD and administered at the local level by housing authorities or other HUD contracted administrators. The program provides rental assistance to low income persons in the form of monthly rent payments based on the renter’s income. Renters find private rental housing in the open market and the Section 8 voucher payment makes the rent affordable.


Members checked in from around the world

NOTICE:  The programs are often extremely oversubscribed meaning that there are many more people in need of the rental assistance than the government is currently funding. This has created the need for waiting lists. For example, the New York State Housing Trust Fund Corporation operates with multiple local organizations to provide rental assistance in the State of New York.  Because of the wide service area and the multiple organizations involved in the rental assistance programs NYSHTFC provides we will list only the waiting lists confirmed to be open. An opening in one service area does not imply that other service areas are accepting applications.  While New York City’s list is about to open and is open for domestic violence survivors, Lewis County in New York has opened the Section 8 Housing Choice Waiting List for the following counties:

Lewis County:  Housing Assistance Program,  Lewis County Opportunities, Inc.,  8265 State Route 812,  Lowville, NY 13367  Jefferson County:  Housing Assistance Program,  749 LeRay Street,  Watertown, NY 13601




We are unaware of even one housing authority in the Nation (and there are 2,320 that offer Section 8) that doesn’t have a waiting list. Most of the time, these waiting lists are years long. Yes, a person on most of these waiting lists will wait several years before receiving the assistance.

A few of these housing authorities (usually the small ones) keep their waiting lists open all the time, but most of them close the list for years at a time.

Section 8 Waiting Lists are opening up across the country - housing for single moms

Helpful information: Rarely, they will open the waiting list to build it back up with fresh applicants. In these cases, there is usually public notice given in local media and a large number of people submit an application. The numbers of applicants are so high that usually, all of the applicants aren’t added to the list. Instead, a small fraction of applicants are chosen through a lottery drawing from the overall list of applicants.

For example, a recent waiting list opening in Florida had more than 50,000 applicants in just a few days. The housing authority chose only 2,500 people from those 50,000+ people through the lottery. And to show how urgent the need is, in that case the housing authority only had a total of 5,000 Section 8 vouchers under management, all of which are already being used. The “lucky” 2,500 applicants in this case will still wait for years to receive any assistance.



3 thoughts on “HOUSING HELP FOR SINGLE MOMS: Section Waiting Lists are opening up across the country

  1. I’m a single mom and pregnant and I am struggling and my two year is tooken by cps because some made a story up and I need support for both and I don’t know what to do about both kids and its hard to get her back and I was already in a mess before this happened and I just need some advice and I stay in pompano and etc…….

  2. I’m a newly single mom. I can’t express how much this website means to me. I can’t cook really but thanks to you I’m learning more and more each day. Thank you for this website. WE NEED THIS!

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