Product Reviews


This has to be the most delicious yogurt that I have ever had! Dare I call it fruit pudding?

What I noticed first was the color. I now feel like a fruit yogurt snob because I can no longer be fooled about what yogurt shoukd look like. Yoplait Fruitful Blueberry felt like a yummy trip to the spa because I could feel the goodness in every bite. 170 calories,  5 grams of fat and just five ingredients in the recipe come together in amazingly yummy way.

I adored the top on which Yoplait imprinted the following: “Think of fruit as a promise. A promise of sunshine, a promise of natural joy. That’s why we promise you an abundance of luscious real fruit in every bite.”

Fruitful is a new line of premium yogurt perfectly blended with 1/3 cup delicious fruit, may very well be fruit’s finest achievement yet. Each cup of Yoplait Fruitful is brimming with real fruit and fewer than 10 simple ingredients—without artificial flavors or sweeteners. With six scrumptious varieties to choose from, Yoplait Fruitful makes fruit so much more than just a flavor.

I cannot wait to try every flavor!

QUAKER OATMEAL PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES I was not prepared for this product review. The crunch, the taste and texture took me by surpeise. This cookie was so yummy that I considered fighting a squirrel over the crumbs. More, please!ProductReview_SingleMomClub_QuakerPeanutbutterOatmealcookies_AllGone


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