FREE FOOD: Get free food on National Food Holidays in September

gyros1September 1
National Gyro Day
September 2
National “Grits for Breakfast” Day
September 3
National Welsh Rarebit Day
National Baby Back Ribs Day (Tony Romas)
September 4
National Macadamia Nut Day
September 5
National Cheese Pizza Day

September 6
National Coffee Ice Cream Day

September 7
National Beer Lover’s Day
September 8
National Date-Nut Bread Day

September 9

National “I Love Food” Day

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I had sex with a man (GUEST POST)

Sex and the single mom

( – In today’s marketing-driven society where agendas are financed, opinions are purchased and a million Twitter followers can be bought for a couple hundred bucks, making a free will choice can feel like a rebelious act.

I had managed to stay out of the dating scene for a loooong time so when I recently found myself on a date, it was awkward because times have changed. The blonde girl and I –  you know the one who would usually be after my man – were suddenly allies happy that one of us actually got the man – the real, “natural born” man who only wanted a “natural born” woman. As a happy heterosexual, dating now seems like a war zone.

At one point a group of men – half dressed as women with varying degrees of credibility – came in. It was like a pro sports locker room meets the Bonner Brothers convention. Some bothered with make up, others just went for a wig and girl clothes. More than a few gave me a look that needed no translating: “I’ll take your man, honey.” To his credit, my man friend is sexy and very handsome. He’s also fun and a natural around people.

I overheard conversations of how much they liked being with other men, some said so loud it didn’t seem like small talk but a public announcement done for shock value.

Straight sex in gay timesTo his credit, my man friend defended not only my honor but his as well. It was quite dumbfounding to see what men experience as the gay movement sweeps across America. Unwanted sexual advances from other men while you’re trying to romance a woman has to be at least distracting and at best upsetting.

I wanted to leave but in true Alpha male fashion, he all but pissed on the floor to mark his territory. He held me close, turning his back to them and ordered me a round of my cute little girly drinks. He stuck with his drink of choice and his personality never waivered. I admired him more for that because there isn’t much talk about life as a straight man these days.

While it won’t make headlines at CNN or be featured on the cover of a gossip magazine, I slept with a man who wanted to sleep with a woman. We did the things that lovers do and it was just the way it was supposed to be.

MOM CHALLENGE: “No Escape” movie pushes the mommy envelope to extreme levels

75( – “No Escape” is a hot new movie starring funnyman Owen Wilson (Wedding Crashers), Pierce Bronson (James Bond) and Lake Bell as the stressed out mom who thought she was at the end of her rope. Lake soon finds out what moms are really made of.

This movie will require moms in the audience to put on their “big girl panties” as they watch a mom in distress snap into action to save her children.

“No Escape” makes WWE seem like a love fest at church. It’s almost unbearable at some points, but don’t walk out and try not to cover your eyes. The scariest part of this thriller is that it is a daily reality for so many mothers world wide.

no-escape-lakebell-movie-review-for-momsIn this gritty, over-the-top intense movie, viewers cannot be prepared for the action that is packed into this independent film directed by John Erick Dowdle, an American family which has recently moved overseas and soon find themselves caught in the middle of a political nightmare.

Even dads in the audience couldn’t keep their composure during the one hour, forty three minute movie which goes by so quickly it’s like being hit by a semi-truck. You’ll definitely feel this one mind, body and soul. There really is no escaping it.


JOSEE’S OLYMPIC EXPERIENCE: Gabby Douglas, Simone Biles inspire young girls to dream big

( – While I was excited to be able to add “Olympic journalist” to my resume, I was saddened to see yet another opportunity stolen from Josee. It’s bad enough that ACS and Edwin Gould have virtually stolen her childhood, but to not provide my child with recreational opportunities and life skills is unthinkable, likely illegal and violates federal law.

I was recently approved by the U.S. Olympics to cover the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janerio in Brazil. As part of it, I was credentialed to the 2015 US Championships in Indianapolis. Attached is my interview with Gabby Douglas, which was dedicated to Josee since she was not able to make it so far.

I was also given tickets to the Men’s and Women’s Jr and Sr meets that includes opportunities to meet African American gold medalists Gabby Douglas and Simone Biles. Josee was also credentialed as a KID REPORTER to attend the OUTSIDE events and kids fest for the Olympics on Saturday, August 15, 2015. So far, Josee has been allowed to attend which seems cruel.
On August 14, 2015, I AGAIN contacted Edwin Gould’s Shanel Garcia and ACS to make yet another request for  JOSEE BE ALLOWED TO BE ENROLLED IN GYMNASTICS. I’ve made this request over a DOZEN times and her IEP instructor also said Josee would benefit from gymnastics because of her sensory issues, which she will have for life. The cost is $160.00 so it seems really cruel that ACS and Edwin Gould are preventing my child from doing something that is good for her and that she loves.

DRESS CODE for PARENTS at SCHOOL? Yep, we’re going there!

dress code for parents 2015( – Can you believe that we’re actually having this conversation about instituting a dress code for parents at school? But the truth is, for some moms, being a “MILF” is more important than being a mom. In fact, during a recent episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” when new mom Kim was called a MILF by sister Khloe, the gushing mom nearly cried. “That’s the nicest thing that you’ve ever said to me,” Kim said

Nearly every week, we’re reading articles about a horny parent, teacher or adult having sex or inappropriate relations with a child at school. With the arrest of Subway sandwich spokesman, Jared, who had sex with a 16-year-old girl, parents should be aware that children see parents at school and may try to mimic their style of dress or sexy behavior.

With so much conversation about sex in today’s schools from transgender and gay rights to sexting and Snapchatting, parents have to be ever concerned about how their own children are interpreting the sexual environment around them.

As a mom in today’s world, you should feel confident that you can have it all, including a great look that is respectful of your children’s lives.


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FREE FOOD: National Food Days: August 2015

August 1
National Raspberry Cream Pie Day
August 2
National Ice Cream Sandwich Day
August 3
National Watermelon Day
national chocolate chip cookie day august 4, 2015 free cookiesAugust 4
National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
Chocolate chip cookies will be given out at Center Bar during Double Down Happy Hour at the Valley Forge Resort in King of Prussia, PA.
August 5
National Mustard Day
National Oyster Day
August 6
Nrootbeerfloatday_free_thesinglemomclubational Root Beer Float Day is pretty awesome as you get FREE root beer floats and the chance to help wounded veterans. If you don’t have a nearby location, check out Sheetz which is celebrating by giving its loyalty card holders the Sheetz’s new Barq’s Root Beer Float for $1.99 at all locations.
August 7
National IPA Day
Raspberries ‘n Cream Day
August 8
National Frozen Custard Day
National Zucchini Day
August 9
National Rice Pudding Day
August 10
National S’mores Day
National Banana Split Day

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