MOM CHALLENGE: “No Escape” movie pushes the mommy envelope to extreme levels

75( – “No Escape” is a hot new movie starring funnyman Owen Wilson (Wedding Crashers), Pierce Bronson (James Bond) and Lake Bell as the stressed out mom who thought she was at the end of her rope. Lake soon finds out what moms are really made of.

This movie will require moms in the audience to put on their “big girl panties” as they watch a mom in distress snap into action to save her children.

“No Escape” makes WWE seem like a love fest at church. It’s almost unbearable at some points, but don’t walk out and try not to cover your eyes. The scariest part of this thriller is that it is a daily reality for so many mothers world wide.

no-escape-lakebell-movie-review-for-momsIn this gritty, over-the-top intense movie, viewers cannot be prepared for the action that is packed into this independent film directed by John Erick Dowdle, an American family which has recently moved overseas and soon find themselves caught in the middle of a political nightmare.

Even dads in the audience couldn’t keep their composure during the one hour, forty three minute movie which goes by so quickly it’s like being hit by a semi-truck. You’ll definitely feel this one mind, body and soul. There really is no escaping it.



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