OPEN LETTER TO CIARA: “Baby Mama #4” or not, please put your child first

Russell-Wilson-Future-Ciara( – R&B singer Ciara Harris became “baby mama #4” when she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy with boyfriend “Future.” Since the two have split, their nasty to watch custody battle had been playing out in public.

Being Baby Mama #4 isn’t the issue, considering that other celebrity Baby Mama #4  club members include singer Alicia Keys (Swizz Beats) and actress Lauren London (Lil Wayne.) Being the side chick turned main chick is happening more and more but when it harms the children that’s just too much to accept.

The name “Baby Mama” is often said with deep negativity. Many successful women start out as fiancés or wives only to end up as “Baby Mama.” No matter how a mom became a baby mama, how she handles herself matters most. So, decided to provide you with the TOP FIVE RULES of BEING a GOOD BABY MAMA. Continue reading


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pizza February 8 is both National Pizza Day and National Bagel Day but we’ve got ways for you and your family to enjoy free food all month long. Let’s face it. Being a single mom is no picnic, and sometimes the math doesn’t add up. Here’s a great way to create lasting memories with your children and not break the bank.

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