greeting cards for single moms from TheSingleMomClub.com(www.TheSingleMomclub.com) – Unless you are one of the rare single mothers who have financial security, you have already or will find yourself in need of housing assistance at some point of tour single mom journey. Bookmark this page for resources to help stop eviction, get rapid rehousing or to maintain your stable home.

First let’s learn the types of housing available to you.

Transitional Housing

Transitional housing can be a miracle for you. They provide homeless mothers and her children a warm, stable place to live. They will also work with you to find employment or go to school so you can get a job.

An example of that is Mary’s House of Hope, which is a transitional home for pregnant women that is the next step in helping mothers become the best parents they can be. At Mary’s House, at risk families can receive support and resources necessary to help prevent a cycle of homelessness that can pass on to the next generation. Here mothers can receive pre- and post-partum support such as prenatal care, lactation consulting, parenting classes, and the consistency of a safe home for up to two years. Learn more here: http://www.loudounhomeless.org/transitionalhousing

Supportive Housing

Supportive housing can be a great help to single mothers in that many provide individual apartments per each family but also provide on-site childcare, coordination of other supports including self aufficiency, health and education-oriented. For example, Mercy Housing in Chicago, IL does exactly that with its 4-story apartment building called Miriam Apartments.

Located in a historic district of Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood, The Miriam Apartments were originally built in 1925 as a home for senior citizens. The four-story brick building was acquired by Mercy Housing in 1991 and transformed into an affordable housing complex for women who were otherwise unable to affordaa home, making it the first development of its kind in Illinois. The first floor of the building offers a large community kitchen, recreation room, resident lounge, bike storage and laundry facilities. The building was named for Sister Miriam Friday and her lifetime of work with Uptown’s poor and homeless.

Miriam House Apartments Statistics:

66 units of supportive housing for single women
Handicap accessible and adaptable units available
Acquired in 1991
Funded by: McKinnney Section 8 Grant and Low Income Housing Tax Credits


Domestic Violence Survivors

Most city housing subsidies place DV victims, intimidated witnesses on what is called Priority One status to help fond housing quickly. As your DV advocate or call 211/311 to locate help in your area.

Chronically Homeless

Mental Illness

New York City residents or employees
If you live OR work in New York City, NYCHA’s housing subsidy can pay up to $1,800.00 in back rent to prevent eviction. Human Resources Administration (HRA) can pay up to $6,000 in arrears. You can apply for the help at your local HRA office. If you have an open ACS, go to the 8th floor of 150 William Street for help.


2 thoughts on “HOUSING HELP for SINGLE MOMS

  1. Hi, I’m a single 30 year old mother of 3 beautiful boy’s and we reside in Stone Mountain Georgia. Unfortunately the last couple of months have not been going so good for me. I lost my job which caused me to lose my car and apartment, so I’m currently living with my mother in her 1 bedroom apartment, and since there’s only 1 room that left me and my babies to take the living room sleeping on the floor. I’m not here looking for any one to save me or anything just looking for some type of resources, or guidance. I do have my nursing assistant license and it is up to date. I have been searching for employment but due to me not being able to afford after school care I’ve been having a hard time finding something that fits all of our schedules. I have to be honest this has really taken a toll on me emotionally especially with Christmas coming up and my youngest will be 7 on xmas day. So if you have any information that can help us out plz respond.

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