MOM HAIR: Taraji P. Henson’s hair just might break the Internet. Here’s how to lose the “Mom Hair” and get sexy with Hairfinity hair vitamins

TheSingleMomClub - Taraji-P-Henson-for-Hairfinity – Taraji P. Henson takes hair vitamins. Should you?

Originally Published August 11, 2014
Updated January 2015

( – With budgets getting tighter by the day, single moms don’t always have the money to hit up the hair salon every week but that doesn’t mean haircare isn’t important to us.

Enter single mommy and award-winning actress Taraji P. Henson, whose hairstyles on the hot new show, “Empire” has people going crazy. Taraji’s character, Cookie, is causing fashion freaks to flip over her Diana Ross, 70s-inspired wardrobe and of course, that hair.

In true single mom fashion, Taraji has found juggling single motherhood and raising a son was one of her biggest challenges. Marcel, her now 19-year-old spokesmodel son, sometimes had to go on auditions with his mother when a baby sitter wasn’t available.

“You have to pay attention to what they’re doing, reading and watching because this world is a very different world than when I grew up,” said Taraji. “They have all this information [on social media] at their fingertips, and you have to pay attention — with eyes wide open.”

Henson is quick to acknowledge, however, that her son is of an age where a simple “no” will no longer do. “I don’t just say, ‘Do what I said’; I give him a reason for it,” she explains.

So, how do YOU get amazing hair like Taraji and juggle single mommy life without sporting “Mom Hair”? How do you get great hair on a budget, see the video at the end of the article. Haircare is the second most searched topic on (behind housing related topics) so we know these are questions that we’re all waiting to find the answer to so it’s a good thing you’re a member of so that you can find out! Continue reading


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