OPEN LETTER TO BEYONCE from a mom of a premature child

Beyonce Open Letter.jpg

( – As the world spun on its head with news that Beyonce had given birth to twins, one mom took out a pen and wrote an open letter that will make you rethink motherhood.

(Coming June 20, 2017 at 4 pm EST)

“Dear Beyonce,

Do you have a minute? Sit down. Let’s have a chat. I’m so happy that your twins are here, that they are home and that you’re a mom of three, your husband a father of four. Parenthood is the best, I know you agree.

That’s why I’m hoping that you’ll stand up, get the world in formation and do more for the children and families of NICU community. Let’s face it: The NICU is not a place where healthy children go. For some children, it’s the last “home” they will ever know. Many children die. Many children live there for months and months and months so much time goes by that volunteers have to hold the baby.


SEX and the SINGLE MOM: Exercise for better sex

( – Whether you’re having smashingly good sex or haven’t had sex in years, this article is for you. Sexercising is the act of working out and stretching your body so that you’ll be more flexible for the best sex you can have right now.

Do you plan to try it?

Single Black Moms get a new spokeswoman


( – When it comes to our children, Single Black Moms don’t take no mess so when the world saw Wanda Durant grab her son by the chin and pull him to her, they might not have been ready for what would come next but single Black moms everywhere understood.

Like a members of a tribe, we viewed that moment with a knowing pride, sense of redemption and renewed purpose. Every day we sing the blues – and relish in the joys – of being single Black mothers. We defy the stereotypes. We re-brand ourselves. We shutdown haters and build up our children.

Until Wanda Durant, we did that usually on a daily basis, often by ourselves on the most local of levels. But with the 2017 NBA Championship won by Mama Durant’s son, Kevin, single Black moms gained an international spokeswoman, a marketing ambassador and a sister in the struggle.


KITCHEN IDEAS: Carmel pretzel poppers are a real treat

Josee and Mommy - Carmel Pretzel Poppers

( – Want to wow your family with the most delicious dessert treat but some of your family has food allergies? This treat is gluten-free and can be modified to be nut free as well.

While the recipe as shown requires coconut sprinkles, it can be substituted for other topics or done without any topping just chocolate. If you’re lucky enough to be able to feed everyone nuts, try adding almond shavings or almost dust (ground finely).

You can also skip the carmel and use peanut butter (as well as the melting process). Continue reading


( – This holiday season, don’t be caught up in how much things cost. Here’s a chance to teach your children how to appreciate money, how to develop their own style and how to turn an ordinary thing into an exciting thing! Thrift store shopping. In this post, we’ll also show you how to get toys, coats and housing help for your children and your family if you’re in a financial bind.

How to Buy Awesome Clothing from the Thrift Store



Sex and the Single Mom: How to get back into the dating game


How to get back into the game.

1. Abolish Negative Dating Mindsets

Before you set out into the glorious world of dating and men, I help you face and work through the fears and negative mental scripts that you may not even know you have—but keep single moms stuck and single. With a few easy exercises, you can figure out where you are now, and unstuck yourself for good.

Continue reading

FREEBIES: National Fried Chicken Day and beyond

Hey Moms! It’s FINALLY National Fried Chicken Day and you’re going to love it because we’ve got the full list of places to get your grub on for free or at a discount!

Boston Market: Get an Oven Crisp Chicken Meal for just $7.99

Brown’s Chicken & Pasta: While the offer isn’t specific to National Fried Chicken Day, a meal of 8 Boneless Wings, Regular Fries and a Biscuit is only $4.99

Carl’s Jr/Hardee’s: Get a spicy Chicken Sandwich with small fries and a drink for $4.00 Continue reading