Single Black Moms get a new spokeswoman


( – When it comes to our children, Single Black Moms don’t take no mess so when the world saw Wanda Durant grab her son by the chin and pull him to her, they might not have been ready for what would come next but single Black moms everywhere understood.

Like a members of a tribe, we viewed that moment with a knowing pride, sense of redemption and renewed purpose. Every day we sing the blues – and relish in the joys – of being single Black mothers. We defy the stereotypes. We re-brand ourselves. We shutdown haters and build up our children.

Until Wanda Durant, we did that usually on a daily basis, often by ourselves on the most local of levels. But with the 2017 NBA Championship won by Mama Durant’s son, Kevin, single Black moms gained an international spokeswoman, a marketing ambassador and a sister in the struggle.


Thoughts for single moms on Mothers Day

Power Walking with Jonna

Like all too many women, through divorce or  marriage to men who were uninvolved fathers, I’ve raised my children mostly on my own.  Children raised without the opportunity to see their father cherish their mom sometimes don’t know how to observe Mother’s Day.

Over the years I’ve accepted the situation, but from time to time, when seeing other women being celebrated on their special day, I’ve felt wistful and even a teensy bit sorry for myself, until I  discovered that perfect antidote to self-pity: gratitude. If I’m not the recipient of lavish displays and shiny presents, I simply think of my true Mothers Day gifts.  So what if I don’t have that happily-ever-after life I dreamed of? Growing up, all I ever wanted to be was a mom with lots of kids. Well, I’ve got three exceptional sons who love me and four little ones I never got a chance to meet waiting for me in…

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