COOKING CLASS: How to make hot water cornbread


Hot water cornbread how go make - cooking( – Being a single mom can have its ups and downs but when it’s time for dinner, most moms feel the most stress. Meal planning is never easy for any mom but throw in the demands of a full-time job, juggling homework, the kids’ schedules and you have a recipe for mommy overload.

To help single parents better plan meals, is launching “COOKING CLASS for Single Moms” which is a series of articles, interviews with cooking experts, recipes and video podcasts to help make your time in the kitchen more meaningful and less stressful.

Here is a sneak peek of the is launching “COOKING CLASS for Single Moms”

Serving hot water cornbread is a delicious, inexpensive treat. Because it is patted with water to cool it down and to help form the dough into shapes, the hot water corn bread has a crackle-like exterior that provides a delicious  crunch on the top. Many people pair the cornbread with beans and rice or beans by themselves. Some like it with greens and fried or baked chicken. The final product takes about 7 minutes to make and tastes great!



Hotwater corn bread how to make

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White cornmeal quaker hot water cornbread

White cornmeal hot water coenbread

White corn meal hot water corn bread


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