Sex and the Single Mom: How to get back into the dating game


How to get back into the game.

1. Abolish Negative Dating Mindsets

Before you set out into the glorious world of dating and men, I help you face and work through the fears and negative mental scripts that you may not even know you have—but keep single moms stuck and single. With a few easy exercises, you can figure out where you are now, and unstuck yourself for good.


check2. Figure Out What You Want – And Get It!

“I’d like to date, but I don’t know what I’m looking for!”

Is this you?

I help you set dating goals you didn’t think existed – and create an actionable, realistic plan for making it happen (and more!).

P.S. I also give you permission to change your goals at any time. Fun, right?


3. Get Your Sexy Back, Mama!

Imagine going through you day feeling like a gorgeous, desirable woman. Every man you meet is a possible date — or lover. Everywhere you go, men pay attention to you, and women wonder what it is about you that makes you so sexy.

Sounds awesome, right?

It is!

I give you wonderful, fun and sexy homework to help you get your groove back, and wield your newly discovered glorious, fun mojo to connect with men, yourself — and the universe!


4. Where Are The Good Men?

Don’t listen to your grumpy friends and cynical relatives. There are really great men out there — smart, kind and successful men looking to connect with amazing women. Women like you! I am going to help you find that really nice guy for your perfect first dating-again date. You will learn how to ask friends to set you up on blind dates, explore online dating, and flirt with men at cafes, the train, or playground!

But most important: I will tell you something about dates that very few people know about.


5. Get Ready For That First Date!

What to wear? Who asks who? Where do you meet — or does he pick you up? Don’t worry! I answer all these questions, and more. (Remember: This is fun!)


6. First Date Postmortem – What’s Next?

You did it! FIRST DATE ACCOMPLISHED! Now what? Here I give you step-by-step text scripts on how to handle your next move, whether you want to see him again—or don’t. And next steps for waltzing out into your newfound dating life.

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