I had sex with a man (GUEST POST)

Sex and the single mom

(www.TheSingleMomClub.com) – In today’s marketing-driven society where agendas are financed, opinions are purchased and a million Twitter followers can be bought for a couple hundred bucks, making a free will choice can feel like a rebelious act.

I had managed to stay out of the dating scene for a loooong time so when I recently found myself on a date, it was awkward because times have changed. The blonde girl and I –  you know the one who would usually be after my man – were suddenly allies happy that one of us actually got the man – the real, “natural born” man who only wanted a “natural born” woman. As a happy heterosexual, dating now seems like a war zone.

At one point a group of men – half dressed as women with varying degrees of credibility – came in. It was like a pro sports locker room meets the Bonner Brothers convention. Some bothered with make up, others just went for a wig and girl clothes. More than a few gave me a look that needed no translating: “I’ll take your man, honey.” To his credit, my man friend is sexy and very handsome. He’s also fun and a natural around people.

I overheard conversations of how much they liked being with other men, some said so loud it didn’t seem like small talk but a public announcement done for shock value.

Straight sex in gay timesTo his credit, my man friend defended not only my honor but his as well. It was quite dumbfounding to see what men experience as the gay movement sweeps across America. Unwanted sexual advances from other men while you’re trying to romance a woman has to be at least distracting and at best upsetting.

I wanted to leave but in true Alpha male fashion, he all but pissed on the floor to mark his territory. He held me close, turning his back to them and ordered me a round of my cute little girly drinks. He stuck with his drink of choice and his personality never waivered. I admired him more for that because there isn’t much talk about life as a straight man these days.

While it won’t make headlines at CNN or be featured on the cover of a gossip magazine, I slept with a man who wanted to sleep with a woman. We did the things that lovers do and it was just the way it was supposed to be.


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