JOSEE’S OLYMPIC EXPERIENCE: Gabby Douglas, Simone Biles inspire young girls to dream big

( – While I was excited to be able to add “Olympic journalist” to my resume, I was saddened to see yet another opportunity stolen from Josee. It’s bad enough that ACS and Edwin Gould have virtually stolen her childhood, but to not provide my child with recreational opportunities and life skills is unthinkable, likely illegal and violates federal law.

I was recently approved by the U.S. Olympics to cover the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janerio in Brazil. As part of it, I was credentialed to the 2015 US Championships in Indianapolis. Attached is my interview with Gabby Douglas, which was dedicated to Josee since she was not able to make it so far.

I was also given tickets to the Men’s and Women’s Jr and Sr meets that includes opportunities to meet African American gold medalists Gabby Douglas and Simone Biles. Josee was also credentialed as a KID REPORTER to attend the OUTSIDE events and kids fest for the Olympics on Saturday, August 15, 2015. So far, Josee has been allowed to attend which seems cruel.
On August 14, 2015, I AGAIN contacted Edwin Gould’s Shanel Garcia and ACS to make yet another request for  JOSEE BE ALLOWED TO BE ENROLLED IN GYMNASTICS. I’ve made this request over a DOZEN times and her IEP instructor also said Josee would benefit from gymnastics because of her sensory issues, which she will have for life. The cost is $160.00 so it seems really cruel that ACS and Edwin Gould are preventing my child from doing something that is good for her and that she loves.

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