DADS: 10,000 Black dads hope to shutdown deadbeat dad myth

( – With all the negative things that dads have to face, good dads know that there is one myth that the public stereotypically applies to all men: Deadbeat.

See the entire “Black Dads Gallery” right here on under “DADS.” To participate, send your photos to: celebritybabymag [at] gmail [dot] com.  MUST WATCH: Dad and Daughter Dance goes viral (see below) - Black dads shutdown myth about being bad and absent fathersIn an effort to combat the image that Black men don’t matter, 10,000 Black fathers are posting photos of their children and hoping to show the world that “Black Dads Rock.”

In an attempt to debunk the myth that Black dads don’t care, a new social media campaign is kicking off to show Black dads interacting with their children. The goal is to overwhelm Facebook with positive images of Black dads as Father’s Day approaches. Several of Celebrity Baby Parent Blogger Network properties will be participating including, and a few others.

 You can read the full story at If you know a good Black father, be sure to tell him about the campaign.
And that’s not the only movement aimed at giving dads an image boost. The UNconference will be held in Weehawken, NJ on July 17-18, 2015 as part of the Parent Choice Awards. The UNconference honors ALL dads from all walks of life. The Parent Choice Awards honors parent bloggers from around the country. One of the workshops includes conversations on “Dads Rights” taught by Father’s United founder Roger Madden and others. Other speakers include sportswriter Tony Williams (NY Metro), Alexander Williams (PlaytimeCares), Ian Begley (ESPN NY) and Ricky Shetty (DaddyBlogger)
MUST WATCH: Dad and Daughter Dance goes viral



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