Single Moms are the NEW Baby Daddy

Single Moms are the NEW Baby Daddy

Single moms successfulIn case you didn’t know, Kevin Federline is a verb as in to “get Kevin Federlined” or to “pull a Kevin Federline.” If you’re a woman on the rise making more than the man you fall in love with, marry or have a child by, you’ve likely already become familiar with this term. If you’re lucky enough to be pulling your financial weight and not have a family court docket number, you should be running for president of Single Mom Nation.

Things in the parenting space were going quite well until Britney Spears decided to bed – then marry – her hunky backup dancer, Kevin Federline. He was pretty much a well-choreographed broke artist but he made young Miss Britney feel a certain way. When her handlers told her not to see him anymore, the bad boy dancer – who had two kids with wife Shar Jackson – became even more attractive. The couple married, had two kids and then things ended badly. Kevin walked away with the kids, much of Britney’s money and a power so intoxicating he could hardly breathe.

Instead of use the money to take care of ALL of his kids, Federline milked Britney and became a deadbeat to the children he shared with Shar, who eventually ended up living in a motel with her kids while her rich baby daddy lived it up.

Federline must have held a baby daddy child support seminar because it wasn’t long before other single dads like Halle Berry’s ex Gabriel Aubry lawyered up and gave Halle her very own family court docket number to sit on the shelf next to her other awards. Things got so nasty that Gabriel took her to court, made her pay for his attorneys and demanded she buy him a mansion so their child wouldn’t favor one parent over the other because of wealth. Now he’s got a court order that requires Halle to pay him $16,000 a month pretty much until the child is 18.

So, when headlines broke that actress Sheri Shepard was being sued by her ex-husband with whom she’d hired a surrogate to carry their son this columnist was not surprised. Like Britney and Halle, Shepard found herself being “Federlined.”

Single Moms are now becoming the new baby daddy as lazy fathers decide they no longer want to work but to live off the wealth of their child’s mother. There’s using a term they’ve coined as “Dad Rights” to turn family court into a circus and their children in financial carrots to extort money from the mothers of their children. If the mothers don’t pay, the dads go to the press and ruin their careers. If the mothers don’t pay, the dads go to family court and get what some attorneys are now calling, “Bulldog Justice” because it’s more of a shakedown than a fair fight.

There’s even a book published that helps lazy dads go after their wealthier counterparts. “Boy get that child support.”



by DC Livers Publisher of Single Mom Magazine and Founder of


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