COOKING CLASS: Paninis in the Foreman Grill never tasted so good – with or without meat

vegetable panini in the foreman grill - the single mom
( – Some nights, everyone wants a delicious, hot meal but no one really wants to cook. No worries. Whip up some of the most tasty meals known to woman with your Foreman grill and your favorite ingredients. If you’re feeling like a meatless night, why not try this delicious veggie version.

Grill a few peppers, mushrooms, onions, squash or your favorite veggies on your foreman. Set aside. Put olive oil on your favorite bread, put the veggies back on  and add some cheese to keep the panini together.

Can you say, YUM? Want more ideas, search “Recipes” or “Paninis” on right now!

Send us your pics! We cannot wait to see what you’re eating!

vegetable panini in foreman grill - cooking class for single moms


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