CELEBRITY CHILD SUPPORT: When high rollers get arrested, other dads finally start coughing up child support payments

Richa Dollaz arrested for child aupport nonpayment
(www.TheSingleMomClub.com) – Now that he has been arrested again, reality TV star and mega producer, Rich Dollaz, proves there’s more to a man than a nickname. That’s because the mega peoducer, whose real name is Richard Trowers, remains in jail after getting arrested rather than paying the child support he owes.

According to the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office in New Jersey, Dollaz was picked up on two outstanding warrants including one for less than $12,000 in support and the other for a whopping $188,000. Rich Dollaz was popped on February 19, 2015 and remains in custody.

At $70,000 per season on Love and Hip Hop, Rich Rollaz should be able to make his payments. He has been working as an entertainment manager for years in the industry. Rich Dollaz accumulated his net worth while getting 10% of the artist he represented including Olivia. She currently has a deal with Jerry Wonder at Wonda Music, who worked with Wyclef Jean. With her deal she received a $1 million deal for 3 albums. Dollaz received a 10% of her deal at $100,000 up front. Rich has close ties with Diddy. He managed several of his artist including Cassie for a short stint, Danity Kane, Ryan Leslie and Young Joc.

Charlie Sheen child supportThe mother of his child took Rich Dollaz to court for a paternity test order. He missed the court date avoiding the possibility of being a father for another child and ended up having a warrant out for his arrest in Memphis. The cops arrested him while he was attending a talent show in Memphis under a false name. Rich has been avoiding to pay child support for his 14 year old daughter.

He is hardly alone. Celebrity dads like Charlie Sheen, Dwayne Wade, Larry Bird and others have been hauled into court for related issues.

He berated the actress in a Twitter rant in December, to which she responded with pleas for him to stop airing their issues in public.

Sheen has not paid his court-ordered $55,000 monthly child support since January, according to TMZ sources, and has reportedly told Richards that he plans to sell their house. The actor bought the home for her in 2011 to have his children close to him.

By far the most troubling is Devon Still, the NFL plager who some say may be exploiting his daughter Leah’s cancer to win the court of public opinion but the girl’s mom says is otherwise a deadbeat when the cameras are not rolling.

Football player dad of cancer child hasn't paid child support

Houston Texans star Arian Foster is putting his nasty baby mama feud behind him by settling their child custody and support battle before it went to trial.

According to court records, Foster and Brittany Norwood decided they didn’t want to take the case to trial and have come to an agreement on their own. The two were supposed to appear in a Houston court, but that’s been cancelled.

Deadbeat houston texan football player child support


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