CONFESSIONS OF A WIG-A-HOLIC: Surviving a hair intervention after black hair dye leaves woman in hospital and nearly bald

UPDATE: February 9, 2015 –  Nearly all of my hair has fallen out. I’m down to about two inches in the longest parts and a quarter of an inch in others. Who would have thought blac hair dye would nearly kill me.

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IMPORTANT UPDATE! – January 22, 2015 – Bigen hair black hair dye left me with extensive chemical burns on my scalp, face, ears and neck. It got so bad that the Bigen black hair dye raction landed me in the hospital! While flying across the country I had to be transported through the airport by wheelchair! If the wind blew, my skin would hurt so bad I would cry. I developed hard knots on my head that felt like marbles. My face tripled in size and was lopsided. Painful puss covered my scalp and I could feel my heart beat from my head. When the swelling began to go down, my face was completely chapped. If I put lotion on my face would burn like I rubbed acid on my face. if I cried, my face and eyes would feel singed. My skin flaked in painful pieces as did my scalp. If I smiled, my lips and lip corners would crack open and bleed. I couldn’t lay down. I couldn’t sleep. My hair is now severely damaged and there is lasting damage. I have been forced to consult product liability and personal injury attorney. I also found out that Bigen black hair dye did the same to many other women and there were lawsuits including a class action. Why is Walmart selling the hair dye? I could have had fatal injuries if I left it in my hair any longer.

Confessions of a Wig-a-holic( – Recently, I was the subject of a Hair Intervention. I knew I had a problem and my wig was beyond drunk but I didn’t know what to do about it. It got so bad that a photographer at a friend’s wedding took a photo of the back of my head without me knowing but forgot to delete the pic. Maybe it was mean and meant to be embarrassing or maybe that was a gentle hair intervention but I guess I missed the cues.

Some of the best sex I ever had happened while I wore a wig. I swam in it. Slept in it. You name it, I did it. It was as much a part of me as my toe nails. Even after I jumped in the pool and my wig jumped off my head, I never gave up the wig. Thankfully, I was alone in the pool that day, at least I hope I was.  If he was watching the monitors, the hotel security guard might have had the laugh of his life, but I snatched up my wet ‘do, put it back on my head and went back to swimming (above water that is.”)

Six months later, a good friend recently reached her breaking point. She could no longer sit by and witness my wig misadventures so she took matters into her own hands. She purchased some hair, a cap and hair dye to match the hair. We set a time and she went to work. She was clearly overjoyed. Friends and family got wind of what was going down and text messages began rolling in. One relative even came by my house to witness the new do – and likely report back to everyone else. The hair intervention was one of the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me, but unfortunately it didn’t last a full week before I fell off the wig wagon.

In my defense, I relapsed because of an allergic reaction. Within 12 hours of the weave being sewn into my hair, I began to have itchy eyes and swelling. I thought it was a cold coming on. Then the burning started. My scalp was on fire!

My friend is a very talented, very careful hair stylist so it was nothing she did. She is very skilled at sewing in hair weaves. She does amazing things to her own hair as well as her child. They always look great. In fact, my scalp issues date back to high school when my oldest sister went to cosmetic school and I became a live test subject. I would get third degree burns on my scalp and neck from chemical reaction. I mentioned this to my friend but since we weren’t using any chemicals or glue, we didn’t give it a second thought.

By 3am on the morning of Day Four, I was in bathroom with scissors. I was so grateful that my friend had shared with me how to take out the extensions as she was putting them in. She mentioned the care it took and how to preserve the hair and prevent hair damage. I cut on the string that was sowed into my hair as my friend instructed when she put in weave in. Taking her advice, I lost no hair and detected no hair damage.

My scalp was another issue. Several places on my scalp where I had scratched or rubbed too much had turned to sores with puss oozing out. The puss hardened and acted as a protector for the sores, which hurt if the wind would blow but will heal. Other than being very itchy, tender and instantly relieved, there was no lasting damage after removing my weave. Had I left the weave in much longer, who knows what might have happened. After the weave was out, I knew it was first and last experience with weave. But I also knew the hair intervention worked. I was instantly in love with my natural hair. I vow to take care of it.

Although the weave was not for me, what my friend did for me will certainly change my life. I am not sure why I let my hair go – it had been nearly a year that I had on the same wig.  I know I will never let it happen again. For the first time in forever, I am happy to be nappy.

ARE YOU ALLERGIC TO YOUR WEAVE? Here is how to tell:
1) Scalp feels like it’s on fire
2) Random bumps pop up on face or neck
3) The hair touching your skin makes you itch or irritates you
4) You scratch so much you make sores in your scalp
5) Sleeping is interrupted



If you’re going to survive a hair intervention and rejoin the world, there are a few things you’ll need. Here are some products that gave my scalp relief after the allergic reaction:

1) 100% pure Shea Butter

2)  Pantene Sheer Volume Conditioner (As soon as it hit my scalp, my eyes would roll in delight.)

3) Rat hair comb for scratching

4) Leave-in conditioner in a spray bottle

5) Scissors to cut that damn thing out if your hair

Bigen hair dye powder may be the reason my scalp became infectned and I was allelrgic to the black hair dyeUPDATE: About two hours after I posted, my allergic reaction turned to potential medical emergency. The left side of my head and ear began to swell and a half dollar sized soft knot appeared. I raced to the pharmacy, spoke to a clearly grossed out pharmacist who said I needed to see a doctor because the infection could spread to my brain and be harmful. He recommended Scalpicin for my itchy scalp and Benedryl for the allegeric reaction. What’s worse, the exact same wig that led to my hair intervention is back on my head. I plan to get the wig off for good as soon as I see a doctor and determine that I will be ok.

My friend the home hair stylist pointed out that I could have had a reaction to the Black hair dye that I used immediately before the weave was sewn in. She is such a good person and very talented so I know I will let her style my hair again, but I have track down what caused my reaction. Keep checking the blog so that I can fill you in on what I find out.


Allergic reaction to black hair dye

Tina had an allergic reaction to Black hair dye and wound up in the hospital


A waitress has told how she feared for her life after hair dye triggered a horrific allergic reaction which left her unable to see for five days. Our stories are nearly identical!

Tina Littlewood, 41, had been coloring her hair for 20 years without any problems when she bought a kit ahead of a trip to visit her son on his Army base.

But hours after applying the Clairol Nice ’N Easy dye, her face had swelled up like a ‘rugby ball’ and became covered in weeping blisters, which doctors later compared to a fire victim’s burns.


4 thoughts on “CONFESSIONS OF A WIG-A-HOLIC: Surviving a hair intervention after black hair dye leaves woman in hospital and nearly bald

  1. It does sound serious. I would see a doctor and just FYI…I”m allergic to synthetic hair myself. always soak it in 3 parts water and 1 part Apple Cider Vinegar. That takes the chemicals out the hair. and please throw that wig away!!!!

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