DO IT YOURSELF: How to make a $10 headboard and a twin size bed

how to make a twin bed( – Let’s face it. Furniture is expensive! And on a single mom budget, it’s time to think outside of the IKEA box!

Single Moms have to watch the budget like a hawk but that doesn’t mean single moms have to compromise quality, style or fun in the process. Check out this $10 very easy headboard project that completely transforms this room. For a few bucks more, you can paint the walls with an accent color to give the room a little “pop.” Many supply stores have left over paint or discounted paint that they may be able to color to your desire.

Here are two quick and easy ways to make a headboard for yourself (or your tween or teen) and a twin bed for your child. The best part is you get to hit something without hitting a person and both projects will cost less than $50 total! Every mom should make a piece of furniture at least once in their life. If you’re not a hammer slinging diva, consider making a quick coffee table which only needs a rectangular piece of wood and four legs! Even nail salon Barbie could make that!

Room MAKEOVER for Single Moms

Bill of materials
The bill of materials below assumes all the lumber is good. You should buy extra lumber to be able to leave out pieces with defects in them. In general, its best to buy wider pieces of lumber and rip them into narrower pieces, such as buying 2×6 and ripping the 2×3’s out of them. You get much better lumber that way. It may be better to buy five 2x10x8′ instead of the parts marked with an asterisk, and cut everything from those.

Part       Quantity  Used for
2×8 x 8′ 3 * Side rails, also bottom horizontal for headboard and footboard.
2×3 x 8′ 3 * For making the posts
2×10 x 8′ 3 * For headboard top horizontal, and footboard top horizontal
2×2 x 8′ 2 Supports for slats on side rails
1×4 x 8” 6 For slats
3/4″ dowel 6′ For cutting dowels from. Buy enough lengths to get 6′
2.5″ #10 wood screw 24 For mounting side rails
2.5″ #10 wood screw 10 For screwing slat supports onto side rails
Wood glue 100ml At least 100 ml of wood glue.



how to make a bed

After you make the bed for the kids, you might want to do something fancy for yourself. Heck, since you’ve saved so much money not buying a bed from a department store, you can even make the bed of your dreams.

One of the best things that will happen to a single mom is she’ll discover Home Depot, Lowe’s or the local hardware store. There’s so many things in the otherwise manly man store that a girl can really pamper herself with you’ll be asking your friends for Lowe’s gift cards!

There are so many ideas you can use for a quick, straight forward way to make a be but this bed from a blog we enjoy offers a great place to start! Enjoy!


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