SECURITY ALERT: 5 things you need to do NOW to protect your kids online

internet security and the single mom( – Guess what? You’ve just added a new job title to your already overburdened mommy life: Internet Security Guru. If you have a child online – even if your child just plays downloaded apps and games – you’re going to want to read this post from start to finish.

A sinister world of criminals is trying to steal your family’s valuable information so here are five products that are claimed to let you surf the Internet anonymously, encrypt your chats and emails and come up with Ironclad passwords.

shazzle mail -  internet security and the single momSHAZZLE MAIL: The Price: Free
The Claim: Web-based email services like Gmail, Yahoo and AOL use a remote server as a go-between for you and your contacts. So everything you send and receive is stored on your email provider’s computers. ShazzleMail require you to use a special email address and software but skips the server, routing mail directly to the recipient. You can send email to someone NOT signed up with ShazzleMail. They receive a link that opens a secure Web page and retrieves email directly from your device. Downsides: You will need either an Android or iOS device to use ShazzleMail.

chatsecure -  internet security and the single mom CHAT SECURE: The Price: Free
The Claim: ChatSecure’s maker says the app will keep your mobile communications private by scrambling them on your device once you hit send, then putting them back together on the other end so your pals can read them. You can attach photos to messages, take pics within the app and chat in groups or with ChatVoice that let’s your record an audio message securely.


hotspotshield -  internet security and the single momHOTSPOT SHIELD: The Price: Free but Hotspot Shield Elite is $30 a year.
The Claim: Hotspot Shield is a virtual private network (VPN), which logs your PC or mobile device in to a remote server and let’s you surf the Web from there without being eavesdropped on or tracked.

lastpass - internet security and the single momLAST PASS: Price: Online version is free but the mobile version (iPads, tablets, etc.) is $12 a year.
The Claim: The company says that this is the “last password you have to remember” and you can get started by downloading a version that’s compatible with your browser. After that you come up with a master password and browse sites and services you use and let LastPass create secure passwords as you go. It can also fill out forms for your and use other types of authentication such as fingerprint readers – although is not yet sold on fingerprint readers.
safeplugSAFE PLUG: The Price: $49
The Claim: Everytime you go online, you’re sharing your Internet address with data brokers, corporations, and others. You’re also exposed to hackers and cybercriminals. SafePlug is a piece of home-network hardware that keeps your Internet traffic anonymous by bouncing your comunications among a series of random servers around the world – using a clandestine network called Tor. Online downside: Set up is not as easy it could have been but it works pretty well.

Source: Consumer Reports



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