EXTREME COUPONING: How I got great name brand snacks for under $1

South Beach Bars for 25 cents at Dollar Tree

(www.TheSingleMomClub.com) – There is no doubt that I love a good deal. Free is always the goal but sometimes “almost free” is just as good. Take my recent shopping trip to the local Dollar Tree store. I like to go to the store and go down every single isle. I take  note pad when I remember but most times I just text myself a message. If I see a national brand item at Dollar Tree, I take advantage of their coupon policy and race back to the store with my coupons.

I picked up these delicious treats for 25 cents! That’s right. One quarter. The price of a 30 second ride for my little one at the grocery store or the cost of a big ole piece of bubble gum in the machines at the exit at most stores. I wasn’t really expecting much flavor or good taste from the South Beach Diet “Good to Go” bars, but they were so yummy.


I was shocked to see Ritze Craker bits in the Dollar Tree, much less with a 50 cent coupon holder taped right to the box of snacks so I grabbed up a pair of the peanut butter bits and the rest is shopper’s paradise history. Ritz Crackers are a brand of snack crackers were introduced by Nabisco in 1934. Outside of the United States, the Ritz Cracker brand is made by a subsidiary of Mondelez International. They are circular in shape, salted lightly on one side, and have a small scalloped edge.


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