CHOMP THIS. NOT THAT: Pork Bacon vs. Turkey Bacon Challenge

bacon( – Moms everywhere struggle to find nutritious, tasty meals that their kids will love but when it comes to bacon, what’s a single mama to do? Pork bacon is an easy go to because it’s so darn yummy but turkey bacon’s marketing gimicks leave most mom feeling like losers for choosing pork. So what’s the skinny on which bacon you should feed your family? You might be surprised by the results!

Pork bacon comes in smoky, super-thick, fatty slabs but also in naturally leaner center-cut slices; the latter can contain as little as 60 calories, 1.5g sat fat, and 260mg sodium per slice.

Turkey bacon also wanders all over the nutrition map. A slice of Jennie-O’s ultra-lean version (which is just $1 at Dollar Tree Stores) is a nutrition bargain, at 20 calories, 0g sat fat, and 120mg sodium. But others can contain the same sat fat as center-cut pork bacon—and even more sodium.

Most people switch over to Turkey bacon for health benefits, either they do not eat pork or they are looking for a leaner meat. Yes Turkey is a leaner meat than pork or beef, but what people tend to forget is that Turkey bacon is not 100% made from Turkey. There are tons of chemical additives added to the Turkey in order to make the strip. Bacon is a cut of meat from a pig – you cannot cut a slab of turkey bacon off of a turkey.


So what is Turkey bacon? It’s a meat product usually prepared from smoked, chopped and reformed turkey and commonly marketed as a low-fat alternative to traditional pork bacon. What is REFORMED Turkey – it is Turkey that has been “formed into a shape similar to what you’re used to expecting” – in this case bacon. So basically Turkey bacon is just put together pieces of turkey, sometimes held together by additives and preservatives then dyed a certain color to make it appear to be more like bacon.

  • Fact: The calories in Turkey bacon come primarily from fat.
  • Fact: Turkey bacon contains more sodium than regular bacon – usually twice as much
  • Fact: Not all Turkey bacons are equal – There is a huge difference between the turkey bacon in the supermarket and what you find at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, both in taste and in chemicals.
  • Fact: Most Turkey bacons contain Nitrite or Nitrate (Nitrite and nitrate added to meats are metabolized in your body to form nitrosamines, known carcinogens. Carcinogens can cause cancer)



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