EXTREME COUPONING: $267 worth of groceries for a PENNY!

Antoinette Peterson extreme coupons thesinglemomclub(www.TheSingleMomClub.com) – Single mom Antoinette Peterson knows a thing or two about saving. She gets a year’s worth of school supplies for under $20.

Parents of elementary-school students nationwide are expected to pay a total of $132.37 for supplies needed to fill a backpack, including books, notebooks, scissors, pencils, pens and the backpack itself, according to the 2011 Backpack Index issued by Huntington Bank, a Columbus, Ohio-based bank that operates in six Midwestern states. It estimates $159.22 for middle schoolers’ basic supplies and $900.70 for high school students.

The elementary school backpack index’s highest expenses are for six two-pocket folders ($13.74), an assignment book ($10.99), the backpack ($8), two large boxes of tissue ($5.98) and 500 sheets of plain paper ($5.49). For high school supplies, a $120 calculator and $32 worth of books top the expenses. (More after the break)

TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY SEVEN DOLLARS worth of groceries for a penny! Here’s how:

She is realizing the best deals by watching for coupons and special sales and taking newspaper ads into certain retailers that match lowest-advertised prices. Examples include 39-cent highlighters and 20-cent spiral notebooks at Target, and 1-cent folder and notebook paper sales at Staples.

Peterson found affordable school uniforms at local retailer Zemsky’s Family Fashion Stores.

Shoppers also may grab deals by staggering clothing purchases and inventorying drawers and closets rather than buying a new wardrobe in one trip, says Jill Cataldo, a coupon expert and mother of three based in Huntley. Once a child sees what his friends are wearing, he and the parents can find clothing sales after Labor Day, she said.


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