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Many people have issues with milk, others opt out for personal preference. There is a lot of debate about soy milk, so here are a few of the facts:

Silk Pure Almond offers a wide variety of almond milk. While they have numerous flavors to choose from, they also have a selection of light almond milks, including Light Vanilla and Light Original. Although you’ve heard that anything labeled “light” usually contains less of certain nutrients, you may not know what these means as far as almond milk. Read about the comparison of these Nutrition Facts to see what is really different about Silk Light Almond Milk.


A one-cup serving of Silk Light contains 60 calories. Of these calories, only 15 are calories from fat. The regular Silk has 90 calories in a one-cup serving. 25 of these calories are calories from fat. This makes Silk Light a good option for those who are trying to cut back on calories to lose weight.


There are two grams of total fat in Silk Light. This is only three percent of your daily value. None of this fat is saturated fat or trans fat. Original Silk has 2.5 grams of fat per serving. This is four percent of your daily value. Compared to the Original, Light Silk doesn’t contain a significantly lower amount of fat per serving.


In one serving of Silk Light, there are 160 milligrams of sodium. This is about seven percent of your daily value of sodium. The original Silk also contains 160 milligrams of sodium per serving. This goes to show that just because something is labeled “light” doesn’t mean it has less of everything in it.


Adults should consume somewhere between 36 and 47 grams of sugar each day. You should get some sugar in your diet, but too much can lead to weight gain. One serving of Silk Light provides you with eleven grams of sugar. The regular Silk Almond Milk contains 16 grams of sugar in each serving. This makes Silk Light a good option for those who are trying to lose weight by limiting their sugar intake.


Protein is needed to help build and rebuild muscle. Unfortunately, Silk Light only provides you with less than one gram of protein. Original Silk only provides you with one gram of protein. This is still not a very good source of protein. If you don’t want to cut the protein out of your diet, switching to Silk Light won’t make much of a difference.

Silk Light is a lighter alternative to almond milk. As you can see, there are a few drastic changes between the two almond milks, such as calories, fat and sugar. Yet aspects like sodium and protein stay virtually the same. Check the Nutrition Facts of other almond milks and light almond milks to find which will fit into your diet.


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