DO IT YOURSELF PROJECT: Refresh old wooden and folding chairs to match your personal style

chair - refurbish - thrift store - do it yourself - thesinglemom( – One of the best parts about being a single parent is you don’t have to fight anyone over tool and crafting projects, except maybe your kids. But, once you tighten your first screw with an electric hand drill, there is really no going back. You’ll find yourself walking about the house unscrewing light switch holders and anything else you can find. It’s the ultimate power rush.

But here’s a project that just might put you into DIY (do-it-yourself) overdrive: Refurbishing old chairs!

August 17 is National Thrift Store Day so why not celebrate by popping by your favorite thrift store and pick up some old wood chairs. Believe me, they NEVER run out of these chairs. They are hideous but only before you work your magic. Then you could probably sell them for $100 a pop. So, let’s get started!

This project was very simple.  First, the entire chair down with a 100 grit sandpaper that I picked up at the local hardware section of my favorite store. Next, use Kylon Outdoor/Indoor Wood spray paint or any indoor/outdoor paint brand that you prefer.  Make sure to do this outdoors on a good day with no wind, away from the house because even the faintest amount of wind can pick up the spray paint and create a design that you didn’t intend. Yikes!  This paint dries in about 10 minutes so apply a couple coats of paint back-to-back.  Let it dry overnight then sand it down with 320 grit sandpaper and apply a lacquer gloss spray paint to the chair. For best results, do two coats of lacquer.


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