The Great Debate: Breastfeeding vs. Formula


In 2008, Barack Obama defeated John McCain for the office of President of the United States. I voted for Barack Obama for one reason and one reason only, because Barack Obama was breastfed as an infant.  I think the fact that Obama was breastfed while McCain was fed formula was clearly the reason Obama won the election in a landslide.  I also think that Obama will likely get re-elected because thus far all of his would be Republican challengers were fed formula as infants. Did you know that 73% of the CEOs in fortune 500 companies were nursed with breast milk as babies? Did you know that Yale makes applicants check off whether they were breastfed or fed with formula? Did you know an astounding 82% of all those incarcerated for major crimes in the United States were exclusively fed formula as infants?

Since we had Zachary, we have spoken…

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