Please do NOT touch my hair: Teaching your child self-esteem

Don't touch my hair( – School is in but that does NOT mean that kids should lose their personal space. Parents of multiracial children are often shocked when strangers touch or ask to touch their kids’ hair. Heck, even Black parents have to have the “Do not touch my hair” conversation with their kids. So how do you handle the situation?

Some parents do not mind, so go ballistic and others are stunned into silence when it happens to their child. Some feel that it’s rude, disrespectful or comes off like their child is being petted like a dog. Check out some of these comments on the topic.

Biracial hair touch it


Consider that the hair touching may not bother your child. In fact, a parent bringing it up or parental reactions to the hair touching could make the child feel uncomfortable. It may be a good opportunity to ask your child how they feel when others touch their hair – whether or not they are asked prior.

Here are a collection of articles and videos that gathered to help you figure out how you want to approach the matter.


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