RECIPE IDEAS: Delicious Paninis in your Foreman Grill


See more Panini ideas in the COOKING CLASS section of this website.

( – There are few things better than a hot, fresh, cheesy sandwich. You know, the kind where cheese oozes out in long strings when you bite it. Now, imagine all of your favorite ingredients from bacon, chicken and ranch dressing to a mouth-watering Cuban sandwich. Finally, imagine making it at home in a little bit more time than it takes to pop open a bottle of wine and pour two glasses.

No disrespect to Taco Night but it’s time to really spice things up around your house with Panini Night. (See COOKING CLASSES to get more ideas on what to put on your panini.) As long as you remember to build the sandwich from the inside out  – cheese on top  of the bread, then the condiments like mayo or whatever you like, then meat – you’re in for a cheesy delight.

Try making a Pepperoni Panini Bomb using mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce, pepperoni and sliced french bread or even a one-of-a-kind Warm Peanut Butter and Jelly Panini. The possibilities are endless and delicious!

Plus, Paninis are a great way to sneak in vegetables like fresh spinach (great for iron) or thick, sliced tomatoes (good cancer fighting benefits)


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