STOP PEDOPHILES: 5 Tips to protect your children from sexual predators and pedophiles


( – Every single day on TV, in the newspaper, on social media or in general conversation, we hear about another child being sexually molested by a teacher, a loved one or another child. It’s disheartening to say the least and single mothers are particularly vulnerable to the crimes against children.

THE PEDOPHILE IS LIKELY ALREADY IN YOUR INNER CIRCLE: Child predators are not usually lurking in the bushes at the playground wearing raincoats. They look just like you and me, and many of them cleverly chose professions that would give them access to plentiful supplies of children to abuse.

Not a pleasant thought, surely, but that’s the reality.

By some estimates, 90 percent of sexually abused kids knew their abusers.

Approximately 40 percent of sexually abused children are victimized by family members and 40 percent by larger or older youth known to the victims.

In an article tiled “Eight Common Myths About Child Sexual Abuse,” the Leadership Council says that child sex abusers “also tend to adopt a pattern of socially responsible and caring behavior in public. Many have practiced and perfected their ability to charm, to be likeable and to radiate a facade of sincerity and truthfulness. This causes parents and others to drop their guard, allowing the sex offender easy and recurring access to children.”

They are often highly intelligent, seasoned manipulators. Therefore, if positioning yourself as a trusted pillar of the community affords you greater power with which to manipulate children and their parents to let you continue your sexual abuse, it isn’t shocking that you are a pillar. On the contrary, it makes perfect sense.

Protecting children from pedophiles - the bookThe longer the myth persists that pedophiles are creepy park lurkers and not people kids probably know and trust, the more difficult it is to protect children.

Here are some tips and ideas to keep your children safe from pedophiles: 

1) Look up registered sex offenders by zip code near your neighborhood park or school. Print the list in color and laminate. Place the signs in a weather protected case to allow parents to be on guard.

2) Demand to see that background checks of everyone working at your child’s school how has access to your child.

3) Join the Parent Teach Association (PTA) or create your own.

4) Monitor your child’s cell phone, text/video, social media for unusual activity.

5) Talk with your child about “friendly strangers” and other harmful situations.



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