RECIPE: Finding the perfect chocolate chip cookie is no easy thing, but dammit I’m going to do it

Dear Cookie Bloggers,

Chocolate-Chip-Cookie-TheSingleMomClub.comPlease accept my apology for thinking that your work was simplistic and overrated. I now know the error of my ways. You see, I’ve recently set out to learn how to make my favorite chocolate chip cookie. It has been a delicious yet disheartening affair. Before my mother passed I was gifted her chocolate chip cookie recipe. My mom’s chocolate chip cookie is legendary, but since it’s a secret recipe I cannot share it with anyone but my children.

Today the chocolate chip cookie urge hit me and I found myself in the kitchen covered in flour. I decided to try new chocolate chip cookie ideas and that’s when it hit me: Outside of my mom’s cookie, I have never made any other chocolate chip cookie so I set out to change that.

In order to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie, I had to first think of what I didn’t like. I cannot stand a doughy or cakey cookie. I want a cookie that is soft and chewy but crisp. I want the cookie to actually stay a cookie when I pick it up and after I bite into it.  As a mom, this is supposed to be as natural as childbirth, according to the countless advertisements and photos of moms in the kitchen crafting miracles.

I sought out to be the best chocolate cookie maker on my block and so far, I’ve not measured up to my own standards. I blame Ruby Wright, the blogger at for this. She always posts the most amazing looking things and even has the cutest accessories in her finished product. She hypes me up and makes me think I can cook anything. Heck, after baking six batches of “oh heck naw” cookies, I realize I’ve got a lot of work to do.

Around my house, my family has grown tired of me saying, “What would Ruby do?” “How would Ruby make this?” or “I just saw on Ruby’s blog (this or that).” It’s like she’s a part of our family. I absolutely adore Ruby Wright. She’s just about the closest  thing to Martha Stewart as I’ll ever get. Although I’ve met Martha a time or two – and no disrespect to her she’s definitely incredible at baking – but Martha’s style is just to frilly for me. I like it more natural, more real. To be honest, Ruby is starting to show me up in my own kitchen with her effortless baking and inviting photos so I decided to make a Ruby-esque creation to share on the blog. So far, it’s not looking good but I know I’ll find the perfect chocolate chip cookie. If you have a great recipe, email it to the network at

So this is my Chocolate Cookie Journal. I’ll update you each week until I find the perfect cookie and recipe.

Week One: Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookie

This cookie came about simply because I was down to one egg and I refused to ever be completely out of eggs so I fired up my iPad and went searching for a recipe that I could love.

quinoa salad, thin crust pizza, yoghurt coookies 051

My take on the Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookie was tasty but a big fat fail. I couldn’t get the cookie right. I wanted crisp but chewy but in Week One I got a doughy, cakey and flat out raw tasting hot mess.

Week One Cookie Number One was a complete surprise. I decided to be creative and use baking powder and baking soda. Wrong move. My cookies turned out as soft scones. My little one snatched one up and ate it so quickly I didn’t have time to say, “These aren’t going to be very good.” The cookies, although puffy and cakey, were tasty but not my perfect cookie so I moved on to another batch.

The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie Challenge by

Week One Cookie Number One was disappointing because I thought I had corrected the scone-effect of Cookie Number One by adding water to thin the dough out. No such luck.  While the cookie was the right dimension and height, one glance I knew this was not the perfect cookie for me. Although my little one had  one in each hand and demolished the cookies, after two bites I concluded the cookie was too spongy for me. I knew I had to move on.


Week One Cookie Number Three was a total mess.

No matter how many times I baked Cookie Number Three,  the cookie never firmed up. I decided to add peanut butter and leave out the chocolate chips to see if the dough would come out right. I figured if I did that I could always add chocolate chips when the dough was perfect. This, too, was a mess.

By far, Week One Cookie Number Three was the most tasty of all but it was like eating pinches of cookies not the real cookie. We had to pinch the fully baked cookie together to eat. My little one said, “That’s the most yummy of all.” Yummy or not, none of this week’s cookies were even close to be called the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie so the challenge continues.

Stay tuned next week to see how things go. I need encouragement, so please like, comment and share so I don’t give up!



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