RECIPE: Mini corn dog muffins will have your kids wanting more plus clean up is a breeze

mini corn dog muffins for kids
( – If your kids are home this summer and you’re pressed for a fun, creative snack or meal, consider whipping up a batch of these cute, delicious mini corn dog muffins. You can use beef, pork, chicken or turkey hotdogs. You can use Jiffy corn muffins mix, a gluten-free option or organic products.

The best part of these mouth-watering corn dog muffins is you can customize it anyway you want. Add cheese. Add a dollop of sour cream. The possibilities are delicious.

Better yet, let your kids do most of the work and you’ll see just how quickly these treats disappear. Plus, you’ll spend quality time with your child teaching them fun, healthy ways to cook. Don’t forget to play the clean up game.

Do you have an amazing treat to share? Send us your photos so we can share with the club! Here’s a healthier take on the yummy treat from the “Healthy Slice of Life” blog.




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