Niche Parent: Why I support Nadia Jones

image( – During a blogging conference in Miami, I had the chance to meet Nadia Jones. I was in awe of her endless wardrobe changes, her driven work ethic and her dynamic personality. I planned to be a part of her conference last year but due to the Trayvon Martin boycott, I was unable to go to Florida. While I will always support Trayvon’s parents and their efforts, it is time to throw my full support behind the Niche Parent Social Media Family Conference.

Dedicated to excellence and compassion, Nadia is a dynamo in stiletos. I am eccited to attend her conference where I hope to speak and be a media sponsor. I plan to use my social media influence to become a Niche Parent Conference Ambassador to help her gain the recognition she deserves.

imageThe Niche Parent Network & Conference was founded in 2012 by Nadia, co-founder and creator of Blogalicious Weekend Conference. Nadia uses her experience as a social media strategist for a full-service ad agency, and her experience with Blogalicious, to serve as a launching pad for The Niche Parent Network & Conference. A veteran blogger of seven years, former attorney, and mother, Nadia connects with and understands bloggers and the various niches in which they represent. Nadia’s cross-cultural background also allows her to easily connect with bloggers from many different backgrounds.

The Niche Parent Social Media Family Conference takes place October 16-18, 2014 in Florida.

#NicheParent14 & #TeamNiche14


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