LUNCH with a LEADER: Robin Roberts shares her parenting regrets at private luncheon


( – Over the years, I’ve gotten to have lunch with Robin Roberts a time or two. One of the most memorable was during a Howard University alumni event held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington, DC. I remember it most for the sexy young escorts we were all assigned. My escort was a business major from the Caribbean who kissed my hand before putting a glass of champagne in it. As if that was not enough, the other guest speaker was Dr. Sheila Lee Johnson who is co-founder of Black Entertainment Television and was the first Black female billionaire in America. She’d just opened her horse farm and resort and catered the luncheon which explains why the food was over-the-top yummy!

But the real reason I remember the luncheon was because my escort brought me pearls. Let me explain. The event was sponsored by IRIDESSE, the retail jeweler devoted exclusively to celebrating the natural beauty of cultured pearls. The theme was to ensure that all of us young women remembered to treat ourselves as delicate pearls. To remember that while sometimes in life we’ll get scruffed up, we can overcome anything with the right attitude and a lot of faith. This message was delivered by Robin herself. She was funny, inspiring and grateful for her life.

Flash forward a few years, the luncheon with Robin Roberts at the recently opened NY Yankee steakhouse overlooking the Rockefeller Plaza in New York City was just as special. Maybe even more so. Robin has survived two bouts with cancer, the latter few thought she’d make it out of. But there she was about four chairs away from me chatting it up with about three dozen, hand-selected social media influencers. She wasn’t bothered by the microphone that wouldn’t work. She wasn’t bothered by the loud music that suddenly began playing downstairs. Robin Roberts was just as grateful for her life as ever.

It had been a particularly tough morning for me prior to the luncheon. I’d even thought about not attending but I remember thinking, “If anyone can lift my spirits, it’s Robin Roberts.” Boy, was I right.

Her book is entitled, “Everybody’s Got Something,” the title is borrowed from a well-used phrase her mother said to her during throughout Robin’s life. She talked about positivity and cutting off anyone – on the spot – who didn’t bring a positive vibe to her.

“It’s hard enough to go through anything in life without someone bringing negativity,” Robin told us. She even confessed that she often wonders if she made the correct choice to not have children. In her own way, her face told the story of her regrets, a bold confession to a room full of mommy bloggers.

Still, Robin’s happiness at where her life is right now couldn’t be overlooked. Her positive outlook was contagious, inspiring and exactly what I needed that day….and everyday!


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