30 MINUTE MAKEOVER: Burlington gave a popular mom blogger a $50 giftcard to find an outfit for a private party with Wendy Williams


Dress #1: Cute color but a little to workish

(www.TheSingleMomClub.com) – MY WENDY WILLIAMS EXPERIENCE: First-time romance novelist Wendy Williams and her friends at Burlington hand picked three dozen social media influencers and sent $50 gift cards by FedEx with one mission: “Put together one complete outfit including accessories and shoes without going over.” I was thrilled that as the Single Mom Club.com’s founder, I got a thumbs up from Wendy on her outfit.”That looks really nice on you,” Wendy told me in front of everyone at the intimate get together at a newly opened Times Square restaurant.


Dress #2: Too cocktailish


What happens when on mom blogger is given a challenge to do a 30-minute makeover with only $50 gift card from Burlington no stylist? Did we mention the challenge took place in Manhattan? Here’s how the results of the Celebrity Baby Parent Blogger Network 30-Minute Makeover® Challenge:

Wendy liked the outfit, but how did the experience rank with me?

I thought the outfit was fun, although the shoes hurt like hell and I didn’t love them. Overall, the entire shopping experience – barring the the snake-like check out line – was very fun. It’s been years since I’ve been in Burlington – even then I always did a bee line for their baby section. I have to say I was surprised by the choices. Ok, I was overwhelmed. I admit, I stopped several women and enlisted them as my on-the-spot stylist. They were great and really felt invested in the project.  wendy
30 minutes with no stylist for a mom is really tough. We’re just not used to buying things for ourselves. The kids, yes, but just for us. There was a ton of mom guilt. Once I got over that,  I really appreciated the selection and recognized many brands I know and love. I’ll definitely shop at Burlington again – and this time for the whole family including me!
Here are the final results from my personal experience at Burlington:


thanksA big thank you to Burlington for including me in the mini commercial about the event. Of course a giant thank you to Wendy Williams for the fashion tips, bottomless champagne and for autographing her copy of her book, “Hold Me in Contempt.” It’s been a quick and easy read made more special by the memory of spending a special night with another special media mom. Wendy wore a dress from Burlington on her show that day. Here’s the video. What do you think about it?


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