Tyler Perry angers more and more African Americans over negative stereotypes of Black womaimage

( – You would think after the years Tyler Perry spent cross-dressing he might have picked up a tip or two about being a woman, but from his upcoming new movie “Single Moms Club” it is clear that he did not.

What else can explain why Perry cast the Single Moms Club movie in such a way that leaves Black women struggling to survive under his million dollar tour bus?

Black America is pissed at Tyler PerryThe depiction of the sole Black woman in the movie is so degrading he may as well have cast Hattie McDaniel herself. According to Tyler’s depiction, she’s too unattractive to get real attention or land true love so she has to literally tackle her man and beat him upside his head to show “how I do…” Neck snapping, tongue-wagging, oversexed – not to mention obese – this character seems to be the way Perry wants the world to see real Black women. Nia Long plays the only role she is ever given: Beautiful, educated, exotic, delicate flower and the rest of the cast is White

WNia Long in racist single moms club movieell guess what, we are sick of the hate, degradation and negativity. Nearly half of all Black people in this country is raised Black a single Black mom and while you find that funny we want you to know this is NOT a game! We take our families very seriously.

Maybe if Tyler had taken the time to talk to us, he might not have forgotten where he came from: A Black mom.

The movie’s sole mission is say Single Moms are just as slutty, just as materialistic and just as big mommy bullies as their married counterparts. It’s a message we simply didn’t need after years of trying to knock down stereotypes. Tyler’s movie, “Single Mom’s Club” hopes to mislead the world into thinking that the real single moms – the ones reading while the sheriff puts an eviction notice on their doors or the one battling child welfare cases because a teacher felt she was too overwhelmed to raise a child alone or the one struggling to food on the table for her kids –


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