GUEST POST: Hope for the Single Mom

Charlee Tchividjian


It was a Saturday morning as I found myself wandering through a low-income, government housing neighborhood. I was attending college in a small town, and this neighborhood was the closest thing to an “inner-city”. I was knocking on the door of a run down apartment door when a cold tone barked from the other side, “Who is it?” as I cautiously said my name in return, knowing very well that I was just a stranger. A twenty-something-year-old cracked open the door and blankly stared, waiting for an explanation as to why I was there. “My name is Charlee, this is my friend Diamond. We are starting a small support group for young single moms and pregnant teens called Ēma (ee-mah) and I was wondering if there were any young moms living here that would be interested?”. She stared at me for a little while longer as I peeked past her…

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