REALITY TV: Dwayne Wade sells sitcom based on his messy life

Dwayne Wade sells sitcom based on his messy life

( – This one is gonna leave a mark.

NBA star Dwayne Wade, who cheated on his wife of eight years Siohvaughn – and mother of his two kids – with actress Gabrielle Union, has sold a sitcom based on his messy life.

Wade, who had his wife arrested for being a few hours late dropping off their sons, Zion and Zaire, then used the arrest and his fame to get full custody of his kids, has made headlines over and over for the disrespectful way he treats his sons’ mother.

The Miami Heat star sold the sitcom of his life to Fox, which is trying to revamp its image by adding more ethnic programming. With a working title of ‘Three The Hard Way,’ it’s the first television project announced by Wade’s ZZ Productions. Wade was awarded custody of his sons in April 2011.

Wade spoke about the sitcom saying, “I will be involved,” Wade said. “I’ll be very involved.”

Wade was awarded custody of his sons in April 2011, ending what was a long and often-vengeful fight with his ex-wife. The couple was divorced in 2010, though some legal matters between them remain unresolved.

That story is not a funny one. Wade has often spoken of how difficult it was for him, and it clearly was not easy for his sons to handle, either. But Wade said that when he watched “The Cosby Show,” he would see a mix of laughter and life lessons.
He’s hoping the same can happen with this project, and believes writer Ben Watkins can pull it off.

“I think I’ve got a great writer,” Wade said. “I think Ben is a great writer. I think he’s going to be able to pull the comedy out of the dark moments. That’s the one thing before I sold my story that I said, I want to be able to bring some light into the dark times and I want somebody who can do that. I think Ben is the guy who kind of can do that.”

Wade said the idea for a show came to him while he was working on his book “A Father First,” which was released in September 2012. Wade, who is represented by CAA, said he went before television executives and pitched it himself.

His sons, he said, are anxious to know who will play them on the show. And also unclear: if Wade’s actress girlfriend Gabrielle Union will be a part of it.

“She might have a small role,” Wade said. “You never know.”


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