Why I will not be belittled any longer

Mighty Mama

This week I had one of those big aha moments and things made sense. You know those people I’ve talked about in past posts that are stuck in my life that are just plain ugly inside? The ones that basically suck. Well, recently I had to interact with them and it wasn’t as horrible as I thought it was going to be. No, there haven’t been any small miracles. They haven’t changed. But the thing is, I have.

Almost every interaction I’ve had with these people has been negative. I always come out feeling disrespected, belittled, and just plain yucky inside. I recently was invited to their home and it was different this time because I was in their territory. I didn’t have the safety net of my home or family. Not to mention, the last time I was at their home it was a truly terrible experience.  My last…

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